Friday, January 25, 2013

Recap, Catch up, Rewind...

Whatever you want to call it... I am behind. 

I had grand plans of blogging about all of my birthday fun (which was over a month ago) and family Christmas get-togethers (again... over a month ago) and our family Christmas but December was not kind to us.

Our girl came home sick the first week and we spread it around, visited doctors on multiple occasions and my hubby even had to have minor surgery (not due to sickness - it was planned but still - surgery nonetheless).  Our house was a germy mess in December.  We had to cancel plans with loved ones.  We missed super cute birthday parties.  We stayed inside.  A lot.  We finally started to all feel better by Christmas Eve (huge blessing) but we still laid low through the New Year. 

Here's a little look back at the end of 2012...

 We bundled up and enjoyed a (kinda sickly) family Christmas day!  We had a yummy breakfast before seeing Santa and Pricilla, the Pink Pig!  We rode the Pink Pig twice because my girl loved it so much!  I got to ride with her this year because her daddy was still recovering from his surgery. 
 Even though we were inside a lot more than I would have liked, we made the most of our time with lots of the projects!  This girl likes to paint, color and craft as much as her mommy!  So cute!
 We also made Christmas cookies!  They were LOTS of messy fun to make and yummy too!

 Sickness made us miss out on one of our family Christmas parties but thankfully we were better for this one!  Love that Mer is reading the Christmas story and the other cousins are listening closely!  Our girl had a great time with her cousins and her new fun toys!

 Grammy and Papa gave this girl a grocery cart and lots of fun food... a hint at things to come?  ;-)
 We had a wonderful time on Christmas Eve with Meme and Papa at church and then home for dinner and presents!  It was a LOT of fun and great to be with them for Christmas!
 This Daddy loves this tradition of reading "Twas the Night before Christmas" to his girl!  Special memories!
 And Santa came to visit our girl!  Guess what he brought her?!?  A kitchen!  Perfect for my little chef!
 Even the furry kiddo had a good Christmas! 
Having fun with the Leslies!  This girl LOVES Papa P!
Love makes a family!
And our cute girl got ready to celebrate the New Year with our friends and neighbors!
So... goodbye 2012.  Overall, it was a difficult year for us.  We dealt with lots of health issues.  We had ups and downs.  Our girl started 2yr old PMO.  But through it all - God is good.  His mercies are new each morning and He knows the plan!
Hello 2013!