Friday, May 9, 2014

being a momma

I love being a momma. 

I know that this is just what God intended for me.

Not everyday is rosy and precious (cue Jen Hatmaker's voice), but it is the best job and the hardest job ever.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what life was like before this cute little food stealer, puzzle builder, princess loving, lady came along!

We must have had so much time on our hands!
But even though life can get a little busy now, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world! 

This girl is LIGHT and being her momma is the best!

Friday, May 2, 2014

don't ya just wish...

Because it's Friday... and because this is my little corner of the world wide web... and well... just because...

Don't ya just wish that when you cleaned your house, it actually could STAY clean for longer than .2 seconds?  My great and funny friend always says that cleaning your house with little people around is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos.  I really couldn't agree with her more!  I'm sitting here staring at junk strewn all over my kitchen... and living room... and laundry room (there's more junk strewn but that's all I can see from my vantage point) and I'm not the least bit motivated to pick it all up because I know it will all be scattered to the four winds again as soon as my "little helper" rises from her momentary slumber.  Oy vey. 

Don't ya just wish that getting a manicure and pedicure was covered on your insurance without a co-pay?  Kinda like "preventative care"!  Because if you think about it, it kinda is "preventative care" for my emotional well-being!  But since it is currently not covered by my insurance and my sweet but very practical hubby doesn't see the "need" in it, it doesn't happen as often as I would like it should.  Maybe that's a platform worth running for President on?!?  Maybe. 

Don't ya just wish naptime could last forever?  My girl is trying to drop her nap but yet she still needs it.  And I still need for her to need it.  She gets too grumpy if she misses yet if she takes a good one, she's up till midnight.  Again... oy vey.  When am I supposed to pick up all the junk if she doesn't nap?  Oh right... I'm not gonna pick it up if she's napping anyway but that's not the point!

And finally, don't ya just wish this weather could last forever?  Today is perfect.  Not too hot and not too cool with a slight breeze and a few fluffy white clouds in the sky. 

Thank you God for beautiful days... and for a home to clean... and for a few moments of quiet... and for the ability to afford the occasional mani/pedi.  I think it's going to be a wonderful weekend!