Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweetest Face Ever and updates

Baby Stanfield - 20 Weeks

Everyone keeps telling us how we cannot even imagine how much we will love our little blessing but to look at this face... we're beginning to understand.

Just an update... we are settled into our new house and we LOVE it! We are still trying to get everything situated but everything is under one roof (for the first time in our marriage) and it is wonderful! These are pictures from our first Easter at the new house!

We have ordered furniture for Baby S's room and it should be in within the next several weeks. We have begun the registering process (wow! had no idea how much stuff babies need!). I'm feeling good so now we are just waiting patiently for every little kick he or she inflicts so lovingly upon me! It is amazing! (on a side note- I don't know how anyone that has ever had a baby could question God's existance or ability... only He could preform such a miracle!)
Mommy at Week 22

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  1. You look fantastic! ...and yes, that is such a sweet little face! Can't wait to meet him/her.


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