Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let the waiting begin...

As of today, we officially have 2 weeks until our "due date"! 14 days... 336 hours... Not that I'm counting! I have had a very easy pregnancy (as far as I can compare with the other stories you hear and read about) but the days are getting much longer and more tiring and my poor ankles (cankles) and feet are getting much larger!

The nursery is totally done and the bags are packed (for me, daddy, Baby, and Beau)... the call lists have been figured out and printed, forms have been filled out and turned in, my school work is quickly becoming complete... what else is there to do but wait?

Everyone tells us to enjoy these last few weeks because life will never be the same. We are enjoying our last few weeks as a family of 3 but we have been looking forward to being a family of 4 for so long...

Everyone also tells me to sleep now, while I can... sleeping doesn't come easy these days but I'm trying to pack it all in (although I know it won't actually help once our little bambino gets here).

And everyone has an opinion... we're having a girl... no, we're having a boy... I'm going to deliver early... just kidding, I'm going to be late... The speculation can be amusing but really - does it matter? Our baby will be here when he or she decides to get here... I'm just hoping without having to induce.

So, the waiting begins... or should I say, the waiting continues...


  1. Yay, we can't wait to meet baby J!!

  2. Thinking about you guys and Baby J!

  3. Natalie and jason- Hope all is well with the new baby! He or she must be here by now! I'm sure that you are both thrilled and exausted! Hope all is well for the three of you! I look forward to seeing pictures! I know the baby is beautiful or handsome!

    Much Love,


I love reading your kind words...