Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Baby!

We love that Joy Elizabeth is getting old enough to really coo, smile, and even... on occasion... laugh! She is absolutely precious and we have never seen anything as sweet as our Joy Elizabeth!

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  1. so glad you're caapturing all of this on film . . . but engrave it on your heart as well. It will be just a blink, then it's gone! Not gone away, but tomorrow she'll be begging you to push her higher on the swing or braid her hair while you watch barbie movies . . . All Too FAST, my friend. It actaully hurts my heart a little to look at her baby pictures and not remember it as clearly as I want to. I actrually DO keep a newborn pampers in a ziploc bag b/c NOTHING will take me back like that scent! Precious . . . enjoy every moment, even the tired ones :) you'll wish you had them back one day.


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