Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am extremely far behind on documenting my cute girl's life on this blog.  So sorry!  But here are some of the highlights from the past several months...
My baby and my baby daddy at Thanksgiving

Getting crafty with our fun friends at Christmas time

On my birthday!

Such a sweet girl - Christmas Eve with Meme and Papa

The girls on Christmas Day! My girl loves her Cay and Tedda!

The very first picture our girl ever colored... I'm sure there are MANY more of these to come!

Like Mommy, like baby girl!  She LOVES to read!

Another amazing day at the Aquarium with my honey and my baby!

She loved the penguins this time! They are really playful creatures!

Saying "CHEESE" for the camera with her face totally covered in guacamole!

Playing with "Cakes"!  Gotta love sweet girls at the park on a fantastic day!
Just highlights of our life for the past couple of months!  So many wonderful memories being made... so much to be thankful for... so much fun!


  1. Oh that has me in tears. How we love your girl. That cheese picture is priceless. Your blog song is "oh how he loves us." After our perfect lunch and our perfect playtime today, I am ever so aware of how much He loves us, that he would GIFT "cakes" and I with you and Joy Elizabeth.

  2. Oh my, she is BEYOND precious! Such a sweet little face. And I love her cheese smile!! :)


I love reading your kind words...