Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rain Rain Away

My girl has learned the song, "Rain, rain, go away" and she LOVES to sing it!  She sings "rain, rain, away" over and over and over again!  Many thanks to Ms. Jamie and the Music Class for this treasure.

Anyway... a few weeks back we had a sweet little summer shower.  The kind where it just rains.  No thunder.  No lightning.  Just wonderful little rain drops.

It was the perfect time for dancing in the rain!

At first she was a little unsure!  It's not everyday Mommy says you can play in the rain!

The rain was a little cool and lots of fun!

Full on splashing in the puddles!
She had a GREAT time!

Our sweet, soggy little girl!

It was even more fun when Daddy came out to join her in the splashing good time!

Soakin' wet but oh so sweet!


  1. How did I miss hearing about this?? Too cute! MK is looking at this with me yelling JO JOOOOO JO JOOOO. The next rainy day we're comin' over!


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