Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our girl - an update

These days our girl is getting so big and beautiful and wonderful and sweet in so many different ways. She is (typically) very happy and smiles so big at everyone (but especially for Daddy)! People comment on how happy she is which, of course, makes this mommy beam! She really does have a happy disposition which is such a blessing!

Since she is nearly (I hesitate before even saying the words) 6 months old, we have begun introducing some real (baby) food! So far, there doesn't seem to be anything our girl won't happily gobble up! (She gets that honestly!)

Although we are nearly 6 months old, our girl isn't rolling over yet. I guess she doesn't see the point. She'll get all the way to her side and decide she'd rather just lay back down and play on her back! She's not in any rush to roll! She isn't quite sitting up on her own either. She is happier sitting up, with some assistance, so she can get to things around her and see what is going on. I think she'll be sitting before rolling but we'll see! Our girl is truly our sunshine! She makes even the dreariest of days seem as bright as the summer day she was born! She loves to giggle and squeal with delight! She loves pulling on her toes and blowing bubbles! She has even begun reaching out for her buddy Beau and they both think that's funny! Our girl doesn't have any teeth yet either although I believe we are definitely in the midst of the teething stage. If she can get her hands on it, it's going in her mouth! She isn't wild about her cold teething rings (she likes to gum it as long as Mommy or Daddy holds it for her so her hands don't get cold).
Needless to say, life is filled with fun, smiles, drool and lots of giggles! Life with our girl is an absolute JOY and we couldn't love her more!


  1. She's just precious! I love that first picture with her raising her eye brows at you. Too cute!


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