Tuesday, November 15, 2011

F is for...


Last Friday, my sweet hubby took the day off of work so we could have a little family time!  We should have been in Savannah cheering him on as he ran his first marathon but an injury prevented him from running so we didn't go for our mini vacation in Savannah.  This "Family Fun Day" was a little bit of make up for missing out on our trip!

We took our girl to the Georgia Aquarium for the very first time!  To say that she LOVED it just doesn't even really begin to explain it!  She oohed and ahhed and flapped her arms in delight and squealed and pointed and grinned bigger than we've ever seen!  She really did LOVE all of the fish!  She kept saying "fff, fff, fff" (which translates to "fish" by this mommy!) and pointing at everything! 
 In the first room, there was a large aquarium wall.  I think she was a little overwhelmed at first.  She looked at all the fish and then she would look back at us... like we were supposed to explain how this could be!  It was really sweet!
 Then the pointing and oohing and ahhing began!  People around us would comment on how excited she was!  She loved checking out all of the fish!  It didn't matter the size or color or type... she just loved seeing all of the fish!
 This confused her a bit!  The divers were answering the crowd's questions while under the water... it was pretty neat!  Our girl waved frantically at the divers!  Not sure if she thought they were big fish or what!  :-)
 I love this picture!  Being able to see the sunlight streaming through the water and then lighting up the face of my baby... God is so creative and He made ALL things beautiful!
 Our very thoughtful, contemplative little girl!  I love that she is so curious!
 A daddy and his girl watching the fish.  I love my family!
 Trying to take it all in!  We've definitely got to take her back soon!
 In the children's area, the aquarium has really neat hands-on exhibits!  While our girl was very interested in the sting rays and it was okay for Daddy to touch them, she wanted no part of touching them!
 She liked feeling the water (after staring through glass at it for much of the day) but still did NOT want to touch those sting rays!  I don't really blame her!
 She was beginning to get more comfortable with the hands-on exhibits and this one was her favorite because she could have touched sea stars or sea urchins (which do not move toward her) but again, she chose to touch the water only!
 I thought she was getting really brave at this one!  There were shrimp in this tank but as soon as they started moving toward her little hand in the water, she yanked her hand away and looked at me with "HELP" in her eyes!
 She even got to steer the "ship"!
 More pointing, more oohing and ahhing!  It is a wonder she didn't have a headache or at least a neck ache the way she craned her head to see all the fish!
It was a WONDERFUL family day!  I love that our girl gets to experience such neat things with her mommy and daddy!  I love that it meant so much to my hubby that he was willing to take the day off of work to make memories with his girls!  I love that God created these amazing, majestic creatures that totally wowed my girl!  I love that God gave me this precious family and these perfect family memories!


  1. okay- i am sold on the aquarium now. So precious! Love these pictures and love that family!

  2. my girls love fish! we have a small aquarium at home but it isn't the same as going to a zoo or large fish store. such fun pictures in this post!

  3. nice family outing.beautiful aquarium.


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