Thursday, November 21, 2013

Change of plans...

I can't even believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  And then before I'll be able to turn around good, Christmas will be upon us!

This is my most favorite time of the year. 

Thanksgiving.  My birthday.  Christmas. 

This year I decided I wanted to have a birthday party.  Like a BIG birthday bash.  I'm turning 35 in a few weeks and I told my hubby that a party is what I wanted for my present. 

If you've known me for more than a few minutes, you know that birthdays are big deal to me!  Like a really big deal.  I love birthdays.  I love celebrating YOU on your special day.  Every other occasion on the calendar is shared, which is wonderful, but birthdays are just for the birthday girl or boy and I love that. 

But God is has such a great sense of humor.  (or I'm so hard headed it takes forever for me to get the message... let's stick with His sense of humor though, mkay?)

The invites had been emailed.  People knew it was coming up.  The menu was being planned.  Decorations had been purchased.

Then God spoke loud and clear...

Why is MY birthday about getting when it could be (and should be) about giving?

So... all the plans were canceled.  Scrapped.  Nixed.  Emails were sent canceling the whole thing.  Text messages were sent explaining that yes, everything was alright. 

Actually, everything was more than alright.  It was great. 

Now, my birthday will be spent blessing others. 

And actually the whole Christmas season will be spent blessing others with Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. 

This is not a new concept but every year, this one nearly included, I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of my birthday and Christmas and presents and cookies and treats and decorating and twinkle lights and everything else. 

If you read real bloggers like Courtney Defeo or Laura Kelley or Tracie Johnson they've all said these same things... but much more eloquently.  (and if you don't, you should :-)

So, I'm focusing on kindness and blessing others and taking the focus off of myself and my "to do" list.  Wanna join me?  Or join Courtney on her Light 'Em Up 2013 challenge? 

I'll post my R.A.C.K. list tomorrow with some helpful hints about how I'm preparing so it works for my family.

Think about how you can spread Christmas cheer with Random Acts of Christmas Kindness this year!  The reward will be so worth it!

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