Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So many ideas!

Okay... so I'm not good at keeping this blog up to date on a weekly (or really even a monthly) basis.   Sorry!

But here is my list of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness ideas for this season.  It's never too late to start!  Pick one day and love on some people BIG! 

These are a combination of ideas from people that are smarter and kinder and more on top of things than me...
  • take treats to your local fire station or police station
  • leave treats on your front porch for your UPS/FedEx person
  • pop treats in your mailbox for your mail person
  • leave treats (in a big Ziploc bag) on your trash can for the men that take care of this for us!
  • leave a happy note in someone's driveway with sidewalk chalk :-)
  • deliver coffee or hot cocoa to people waiting on the bus
  • take treats to your doctor's office
  • leave happy notes (maybe with a candy cane?) on the bathroom mirrors at Target or Publix or Kroger
  • tape money to a vending machine
  • hide money around the Dollar Store
  • give hot cocoa to the Salvation Army bell ringer
  • take treats to post office employees
  • hide small bottles of bubbles around a park for kiddos
These are just a few ideas... come up with your own or steal these!  The point is to bless others during this Christmas season.  Slow down this busy time of year by thinking of others!

Have a wonderful time spreading Christmas kindness to unsuspecting people!  It's a lot of fun!

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