Thursday, August 18, 2011

So much...

We have had SO MUCH going on!  I know my posts have been spotty at best (I promise to get better about that) but we really have been a busy bunch!

Our girl is nearly one year old!  Everyone tells you how quickly time flies but now that we are mere days away from her first birthday, I can hardly believe it.  She is the most wonderful little girl ever and we're so blessed to be her parents!

The MOPS group we're a part of is getting back in the swing of things and this year, I'm in charge of children's programming and childcare.  While this job seriously speaks to me as a teacher, it has been crazy busy lately.  My hope is that it will settle down once our year gets underway - which I am really looking forward to!  This is an incredible group of mommies that God brought my way when I very much needed it!  There is nothing better than a community of fellow new mommies to make you feel a little less crazy!  (at least most days!)

We've also found our new home church!  Vinings Lake Church has been a God-send to our family!  We loved our time at Buckhead Church and they do amazing things there but for some time now, Jason and I have felt God leading us away from Buckhead to a smaller, yet similar, church.  VL was the first place we left Joy in the nursery and while she doesn't love her time in the nursery, we feel completely comfortable because we know she's in very capable and loving hands.  I've started volunteering during the early service then joining my husband for worship.  It is a wonderful way to start the week (yes, Sunday is the first day of the week)... worshipping and learning next to the love of my life!

And of course... there is the 1st Birthday Bash!!!  Much planning and preparation has gone into this polka-dotted event and I am certain it will be lots of fun!  Pictures forthcoming!

Yet even within all this "busy-ness", God's quiet voice whispers in our ears.  Sometimes I'm way too busy and preoccupied to listen but when I do slow down and actually listen... peace prevails.  I wish I could say I'm better and "being still and knowing that He is God" but that is not my strength.  But when I am stressed to the max and my calendar is completely filled with stuff, I have to make myself take a moment to remember that He really does have the whole world in His hands... He's got the whole world in His hands...


I love reading your kind words...