Monday, October 22, 2012


Calgon took me away a few weekends ago!  It was such a welcome and much needed break from the JOYS of being a wife and mommy! 

My dearest friend works full time, has a nearly 3 year old daughter, has a hubby that travels a good bit and lives across the city from me... so needless to say, we don't get to spend much time hanging out like we used to (before kids, before we moved across town, before life became a whole lot less about US...)!

It was so nice to get away to a hotel in the city for some girl time!  We shopped... found GREAT deals at Anthropologie for some lucky people for Christmas presents!  We enjoyed a really, really nice time at the spa (it was crazy expensive but I don't go to the spa often so it was definitely a treat).  Then, we enjoyed a delicious dinner out... just the two of us... no kiddos eating from our plates... no hubbies having any input on where we ate (or what time)... no spilled drinks... no bibs... no sippy cups... no kid noise... no talk of sports teams or politics or current events... nothing like that at all.  Just heavenly food with a great friend!

I did not do a good job documenting our time away but I did manage to get a few pictures of the really important things...
this ceviche was to.die.for.  will go back to this restaurant just for it!

wine.  a bottle.  not the baby and milk kind either.

half eaten oreo cheesecake for dessert.  yes - dessert.
It was a great time!  We talked and laughed and slept in and watch Friends reruns and got breakfast the next morning in our bare feet (that was probably against the rules but nobody stopped us!).  Can't wait to do it all again next year (or maybe sooner?)!  Thanks T... love ya!

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  1. Ceviche= my favorite food. Take me there! Glad you got a much deserved break!


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