Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homemade Fall Fun

I love this time of year!  It is so amazing to see the leaves change colors and the temperatures get cooler!  There are so many things that I have wanted to do with my girl but days get busy and we were quarantined for a week with a yucky virus.  So...  here is a look at our homemade fall fun!

We made homemade gingerbread play-doh!  It was a lot of fun having a cute little helper in the kitchen!  My girl LOVES play-doh so she was especially excited to help make some!  I know gingerbread is a little more Christmas-y than fall-y but it's my favorite so we went with it!  Super easy recipe and it lasts a really long time if stored properly!  I try and save play-doh time for when I'm getting dinner ready.  That way, my girl can sit in the kitchen floor with a tray of play-doh and cookie cutters and she's having fun while I'm cooking!

 We went on leaf hunts!  Once my girl was satisfied with her collection of leaves, we took them home to make a leaf banner for our mantle.

 I followed the directions from Sarah at Clover Lane.  It was simple and turned out beautifully!  My favorite kind of project!

I love how it turned out and my girl talks about the leaves every time she walks into the room!  It is really sweet and this will certainly become a tradition in our home now!

Looking forward to more fall fun... pumpkins, Halloween, and more! 

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