Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

We (finally) visited Zoo Atlanta a few weeks back... thanks to sweet friends that gave us free tickets!  I really thought our girl would love it but she was a little overwhelmed.  She did really love seeing the pandas... they were safely behind glass.  But as for the elephant... it was a little too close and too big!  We had a great time at the zoo and we'll certainly go back... soon but not too soon.

After the zoo, we were all hungry so I was allowed to join our girl and her daddy at their favorite date place!  What'llyahave?

It was fun making memories with my family!  I am amazed at how blessed we are and what a wonderful life we have together!

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  1. your girl is so cute! i need to bring my boys to the zoo. they would love it. or be scared. ha. we'll have to see.

    those animals are so cute. the giraffes and elephants! all of them!


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