Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween... one of my favorite holidays! 
There is something so fun about seeing little (and not so little) kids dress up and have a great time!
We are super blessed to live in a small-ish neighborhood that is filled to the brim with kiddos!  Literally at one point there were something like 10 bambinos born in our neighborhood in one year!  Anyway... the Hawkins family (friends and neighbors) had a Halloween party to kick start the evening and it was CrAzY!  Not crazy like when you were "young and partyin' like a rockstar" kind of crazy but crazy like adults were actually tripping over kids!  Their house house was packed with kids, costumes, parents, food... and everyone was having a great time!  Here's a picture of most of the kids...
Do you see my little bumblebee?
After the party broke up, all the cute kiddies went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood!
It did not take long at all for our girl to get the idea of what this was all about... and she loved it!  She would point to the next house and say, "Get more candy there!"  Ha!  It was a lot of fun!
Leaving our house for the party!
My sweet family!
After calling it a night, our girl chose an orange tootsie roll pop as her treat to eat!  She ate the ENTIRE thing and her little sticky hands left sticky little prints everywhere!
We also had a cute little tiger stop by for a sleepy visit...
It was a spook-tacular Halloween!


  1. Precious girl! Love it. Wish I had candy but my cow did NOT cooperate. We celebrated with a margarita at Mexico Lindo instead. Y'all really are so blessed to live in such kid-filled neighborhood. JE will never get bored!

  2. wow that's a lot of kids there! such a cute lil bumblebee!


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