Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Art Barn {again}

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go back to The Art Barn with some of our bestest friends and my girl's Meme!

My girl LOVES The Art Barn and talks about it a lot.  She remembers Farmer Sue and some of the animals' names and the art activity.  It is totally worth the money and the drive.

 My girl is showing Cakes what to do... Some might call it bossy but I prefer to think she's a natural born leader!  :-)

 These girls are so funny... so different but they L.O.V.E. each other!
 Even The Art Barn is more fun with Meme!
 This is Strawberry the miniature pony.  My girl loved her from afar but was a little apprehensive up close!
 No, she did NOT ride this horse.  She sat on this horse for .2 seconds.  She was not a fan.
 But she was pretty happy on the tractor!  Buttons to press and a really big steering wheel!
 Love these sweet girls!
The Art Barn is lots of fun!  I'm sure we'll be back soon!


  1. Don't know how I missed this post. What a fun day! I must have been changing/feeding/feeding/feeding/changing (repeat) Thomas while the girls were both on the tractor. That explains why MK has asked no less than 200 times to "ride tractor with Joy today." I didn't know where she got that. Thanks for always including us on the fun!

  2. what a great place!! looks like lots of family fun!


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