Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some days...

You just need a cupcake to turn things around!  We had one of those days last week and I treated both of us to a mighty delicious cupcake!  While this was definitely NOT on my diet, it was certainly needed for my sanity!  This 2 year old is really cute and has the ability to be really kind but she also has the ability to drive me NUTS!  So I drove to Cami Cakes (thank you, Jesus, for Cami Cakes)... sanity restored (at least for the moment).
Mint Chocolate for Mommy and the rather large "Shrawberry" cupcake for my dear, precious child.
 Yes, I stripped her down before handing her this massive amount of sugary icing topped with uber healthy fruit
 Don't let her fool ya... she's NOT willing to share this treat
But it was oh so tasty!
Don't worry... she didn't eat the WHOLE thing... And yes, I ate every last little, bitty, tiny crumb of my sanity-restoring cupcake! 
Cute little 2 year old girl - you drive me crazy sometimes but I wouldn't trade ya for anything!  Especially fun little Mommy & Daughter treats like this one!  I love you!

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  1. Look at you! One bloggin' mama'! Love Cami Cakes and all of your updates! Yes, let's get together soon!


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